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Authentic THEBLUESPEC™ Moderna Blue Light Glasses

Authentic THEBLUESPEC™ Moderna Blue Light Glasses

Authentic THEBLUESPEC™ Moderna Blue Light Glasses

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 Better Sleep - Blue light from your cell phone and/or computer screen makes it tough for your brain to fall asleep and stay asleep. THEBLUESPEC™ glasses block blue light rays, helping you to get 8+ hours of quality sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling rested and alert.
 Higher Energy - You will see a noticeable difference in energy levels throughout the day after less exposure to harmful blue rays.
 Stylish - THEBLUESPEC™ glasses are inspired by classic Italian design, with a modern twist. Who said you can't have style and comfort?
Lightweight - THEBLUESPEC™ glasses are constructed with special lightweight composite and weigh less than 20g (other things that weigh 20g: a few sheets of paper). They're so light, you'll probably forget you're wearing them.
Reduce Headaches & Sore Eyes - Research states that blue light exposure may cause headaches, sore eyes and retinal damage. Our stress-tested lenses provide you with the ultimate protection experience.
 Harvard Research - Harvard researchers agree that long-term blue light emissions from screens can lead to several health problems, including depression, obesity, and even cancer. Good eye protection is an investment in your long-term health and beauty.
 Purchase Protection - All our glasses are backed by our industry-leading purchase protection plan. If your glasses break, we'll replace them for free. Terms and conditions apply.

What do the professionals say?

We didn't evolve to be exposed to as much Blue Light as we are.


Very few of us understand that we need to protect against intense Blue Light during the daytime and any Blue Light during evening hours.

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Exposure to Blue Light at night, emitted by electronics and energy-efficient light bulbs can affect your sleep

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